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'Sweet Water' is typical of HOLZink working in the real world, a 12placemusic production, for Ingham in Hinchinbrook Shire, far north Queensland, Australia.

'Sweet Water' is a song in a suite of 5 parts each part reflecting a different aspect of the town and region, the people and places, and the history and future of Ingham.

This project was commissioned by Robert Prestipino from Vital Places. Malcolm John Holz coined the term ‘Sweet Water’, and the 12PlaceMusic production was used as the creative platform for the communication of the revitlisation project. ‘Sweet Water’ contributed significantly to what has been a multi-award winning project for Vital Places and the Hinchinbrook Shire.

HOLZink congratulates the people of Hinchinbrook Shire for embracing 'Sweet Water' as an anthem for Ingham: and the plan, product, project, program and policy embraced for the future of this wonderful place in the tropics.

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'Sweet Water'
Words and Music - Paul O’Grady, Malcolm Holz
Rhythm guitar – Paul O’Grady, Paul Clement, Malcolm Holz
Vocals – Malcolm Holz
Lead and Bass guitar – Paul Clement
Drums – Brett Newman
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Prendeville Production Studios - pps1@iinet.net.au