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There is no ‘i’ in ‘team’ – but we still need individuals who can score. At HOLZink, we let still waters run deep. Individuality, leadership, scoring. Someone has to take the lead. And it is not about plunging in, rather quietly setting off….this is also about distilling the essence of problems, situations, sites, and experience is required to do this. Experience is back. Imagine a wise man as the front man…The experience economy is thriving. Authenticity is next…and that is HOLZink.

Brackenby at Maleny photo montage

'Brackenby', Maleny 2003

‘Brackenby’, at Policeman’s Spur Road, Maleny, is a hermitage of 3 small cottages which highlight design of tiny, useful, beautiful, and affordable homes – fairytale cottages that express a quintessential experience of life in a rainforest, reflecting the approach to life, art, design, music and general creative living, that has and always will be Malcolm John Holz..