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In his book 'A Whole New Mind', Dan Pink (former speech writer for Al Gore) outlines six (new) 'senses' that he believes people in the most successful companies will (or will need to) have in the future – design, story, symphony, empathy, play, meaning.

At HOLZink we subscribe to Pink’s philosophy about a whole new mind, but also believe that the six new senses say more about a whole new way of being – in people’s company; in your community; with your own piece of being. It is the kind of creative outlook that has spawned three new philosophical concepts that focus the work of HOLZink.

All our work includes

  • Imagenisation (Image generation, itemization, atomization and organization)
  • Essensitivity (Sensitivity to essences particularly in place)
  • Synaestherity (Synthesizing senses sincerely to create genuine synaesthetic experience – the essence of song, audio visuals, and applied vision)


And 'PlaceMusic', a design method based in music theory and musical concepts drives the HOLZink process and results.

blackholz album cover image

Black Holz's first album ‘Southern Crossings’ was released on 5 November 2005. The album cover features original art work by Malcolm John Holz. The album highlights the work of the various musicians who are called on as needed to deliver the musical foundation of the creative communication platform for all HOLZink works.

Kevin Borich, legendary Australian blues guitarist, singer and recording artist is one of the many musicians in the talent pool that HOLZink can draw from in the making of places that sing…