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Christopher Alexander (1977) identified 253 patterns in 'A Pattern Language'. At HOLZink we call Alexander’s 'patterns' metaphors. In Alexander’s words, patterns are meant to "work essentially“, they may be used in a variety of ways, and each may be looked upon as an hypothesis. Moreover Alexander (1979) states how a "pattern is recognised through intuition“, and claims that if a pattern does make you feel good, there is a very good chance that it is a good pattern. Alexander acknowledges that there are likely to be more than 253 patterns for use in the planning and design of the built environment.

At HOLZink we help you decide what are the best patterns on which to build your company, community, council - place, product, program, plan, project or people.

At HOLZink we create design and recording studios wherever they are needed. The studio provides an atmosphere where a genuine integrated approach and opportunities can be found to learn and grow in any location, be it on a project, within a region, in the state and/or nationally/globally, helping your company, community, and council get what it wants..

Kawana Waters Master Plan image

Kawana Waters Brand Essence + Strategy
Branding by Design
Master Subdivision Plan

  • 2,500 hectares
  • 45,000 people


A key component of the Kawana Waters Master Plan was its communication and demystification of marketing, planning and urban design principles into a simple, commercial, legally sound style, (by Malcolm John Holz.).