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The word 'metaphor' has the same root as 'amphora', a container used to store precious oils and spices, and to carry them from one place to another. Similarly, metaphors store precious information and have the innate capacity for carrying it from the mundane (raw) to the extraordinary (rich), or indeed, to the sacred (radical)

At HOLZink we focus our processes of working with your company or community to create new metaphors, that have the capacity to store, contain, and carry the precious distillations, and essences that will make your company or community successful and move it forward.

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'Sweet Water is the first 12PM production, for Ingham in Hinchinbrook Shire, far north Queensland, Australia. 'Sweet Water' is a song in a suite of 5 parts each part reflecting a different aspect of the town and region, the people and places, and the history and future of Ingham. This project was commissioned by Robert Prestipino from Vital Places. Malcolm John Holz coined the term ‘Sweet Water’, and the 12PM production was used as the creative platform for the communication of the revitlisation project. ‘Sweet Water’ contributed significantly to what has been a multi-award winning project for Vital Places and the Hinchinbrook Shire.