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At HOLZink we are inspired to generate ideas. But ideas are easy. Edward De Bono has been known to generate over 20,000 new ideas with an organization in an afternoon. It is the idea to invest in that is the challenge.

Innovation means more than ideas. Innovation is about taking a concept and commercializing it. There are many definitions, but the one generally subscribed to is that innovation is the result of the commercialization process: from ideas, through invention, then incubation, to innovation. Whatever way we put it, innovation needs to permeate all that we do, beyond ideas, to inventions, to bringing a place, product, program, plan, project or policy to the market or the community. A key filter in the process is market segmentation.

At HOLZink we tap and go with the flow of the time and tide of customer consciousness – psychographic market segmentation is one of our focus areas and we will help you understand your customers, help reduce your risk, help keep your cash flow, and in doing so, help you gain greatest market reach. We work in raw, rich, and radical ways.

Edgewater at kawana - photo-montage

In addition to 8 conventional townhouses, ‘Edgewater’ at Creekside Kawana Waters showcased 4 small-footprint detached houses each capable of fitting on a 100sqm lot. The 3 storey design originally resisted by marketing personnel, sold and featured in the Courier Mail Home magazine in 2003.