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Coping with change is the biggest challenge we face today, At HOLZink we sense that these days people and places are not coping well with change. We see a need for the world to 'lighten up', and float above the waves, swell and tides of change, and put ourselves in a position that we can see positive and constructive ways forward, even if the weather is stormy or there is another change forecast.

At HOLZink, we value the positives of change, the shift happening in the world, where caring individuals and groups are coming together to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate a collective vision (policy, plans, programs, projects) for the company, community, council, and country in which they belong.

When working with a company, council, community or in the country, we concentrate on the synergies and leverage that comes from working in a collaborative context. We then work towards developing policies, plans, programs projects, and/or products that have the capacity to leverage opportunity, energy, and investment for the greatest triple-bottom-line benefit.

brochure - sustainable environmental experience

See – sustainable environmental experience A sustainability statement for Lensworth, (once part of the Foster’s Group) Concept , publication initiation, and production management by Malcolm John Holz.


brochure - sustainable environmental experience

The Lensworth 'SEE' publication highlighted a concept for a studio, a concept that was lead by Malcolm John Holz, that proved the market for independent retiree living, enabling granny to live close to the street, not out-the-back or in a ‘fonzy-flat’ overlooking a back lane – enabling, dignity, accessibility, and something to live in for one’s entire life and pass on to the next generation.