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At HOLZink we work in all ways, top-down, bottom-up, top-up, bottom-down, right and left fields, whatever is needed to get the job done. But we take the time to work with a company, council, or community and prepare a poetically expressed plan and program that clearly articulates what is required of all involved. These plans and programs help to instill a sense of calm in the production process. Because if there is not a sense of calm, then the job is not being done properly, not to plan, not to program.

Lensworth Beach Cottage interior - 2001
Beach Cottage interior - 2001Beach Cottage exterior - 2001
Beach Cottage exterior - 2001

The Lensworth 'Beach Cottage' by Gabriel and Elizabeth Poole, was a demonstration of small lot design, with the entire 300sqm lot conceived as the ‘dwelling’, including see-through showers, a car court, and movable pantry cupboards, Elizabeth’s original artwork, and a sky-lit linen cupboard were also features of the design.

Malcolm John Holz initiated the idea and worked with the architects, designers, marketers and development managers to see the concept commercialised and featured in Australian House and Garden.

Gabriel and Elizabeth Poole are part of a deep talent pool that HOLZink draws on as required in design, development and delivery of the communication and advocacy plan and program to gain the approvals of your company, community, and council in the quickest time possible.