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Talk is cheap
we need to walk the talk, watch where we are going, listen to ourselves and keep in touch with our customers, in order to savour the sweet smell of success.

This is about grounding us, even though we might be walking through the most sensitive of areas, seeking the most inspiring destinations, and have the highest of aspirations this is the purpose and meaning of HOLZink providing the leadership to help a company, community, and council (or country) go down the value innovation track, and grow with sensitivity, sensibility, and sustainably.

HOLZink will help you write and right your future, make and market places that sing, and help sing your place, product, plan, program, policy or project into being.

Wanita Bergann
Commercial Director
Malcolm Holz
Creative Director

Born and bred Queenslander. Business degree (honours) in marketing. 5 years experience in corporate development in major Australian telco. Developed and managed motel and cabins at Cairncross Corner, Maleny. Owner and operator of ‘Piece of Me’, fashion boutique in Maleny.

Born and bred Queenslander. Qualifications in design, planning and urban design. Formal study at masters level in business marketing. 20 years experience in property, focus on master planning of major projects, new product development, development approvals, and marketing in South East Queensland.

photo of Commercial Director - Wanita Bergann photo of Creative Director - Malcolm Holz